All Is Well With Rajnikanth

Superstar Rajnikanth’s health is ameliorating faster and is soon to be discharged.

News 9-May-2011 12:19 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Unexpected situation indeed: As Superstar Rajnikanth is finding his way to hospital very sooner. On the first day of shooting, he was reported of getting dehydrated and was discharged soon. But again, he was bounded to uneasiness with health and found his way in Isabella Hospital. With his fans offering prayers and more desperately flocking outside the hospital, the closer sources have confirmed that the actor is getting well now. The inside reports are that the actor is spending quality time with the patients admitted there.

Though the doctors have been advising him to stick to bed for few more days, he is vigorous enough to get back to shooting spots.

Since this film means very special to Rajnikanth (as he has more involvement more than onscreen department), it is expected that he will get back soon.

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