50 STR Fans Arrested

The protest was held at the premises of BJP office in T. Nagar around 10 a.m yesterday

News 7-May-2011 9:37 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The ardent fan club members of Young Superstar Silambarasan were involved in the protest against BJP party members’ gesture of making a garland of sleepers for the actor’s cutout at M.R. Theatre. The protest was held at the premises of BJP office in T.Nagar around 10 a.m yesterday.

The officials from Police Department arrived soon at the spot and insisted the fans to clear the area as the permission was denied for the protest. But the fans were quite determined about fighting for the right cause saying that there is no need to pull Simbhu for controversies and anything pertaining to the issue must be clarified with director Krish or the producers.

Finally, the police ended up arresting 50 fan club members that includes Madhya Chennai Mavattam Baba Babu. Then Chennai Mavattam Thalaivar Senthil, TCM Secretary Mahendran. The journalists rushed up to T.R. Rajendran for his comments and he said, “There is nothing wrong in the gesture of fans as they are up here for the right reason. ‘Vaanam’ boasts of an outstanding message to take home and it has created a huge impact on audiences and nothing is done to hurt the feelings. I strongly oppose the persons involved in such gimmicks.”

Saying this, the actor immediately headed to police station and released the 50 fan club members.

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