First Look On Story Of Vettai Mannan

The story of ‘Vettai Mannan’ is believed to be a crime-thriller laced with comedy and thriller.

News 3-May-2011 4:35 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

This very mix of Crime-Thriller-Comedy itself evokes a huge interest in the film isn’t? With Silambarasan close on the heels of completing his next film ‘Poda Podi’, the shooting will take off shortly. We hear it from the closer sources that the film is based on crime-thriller in which Silambarasan plays the role of a top most sharpshooter instantly able to bump off any targets.

When the world’s most happening mafia kingpins arrive for an auction the best assassins, Simbhu is hired by a group for a whooping amount that already has a big guy (played by Jai of ‘Subramaniapuram’ fame).

While Jai takes backbreaking effort to accomplish a task, Simbhu finishes it with an ease that leads to a clash between them.

What unfolds next is a series of thrill moments that involves more chases laced with commercial elements.

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