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No Second thought… Go for it

Reviews 30-Apr-2011 12:36 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Had been looking out for a flick that throws a huge mind game? Preferably, ‘Source Code’ is gonna be your show. Perhaps you will have to answer few more questions before choosing to watch the film. Did you like ‘Inception’, the film that left many awestruck and many to watch it over and again to grasp its thing? If your answer is ‘Yes’ or ‘Maybe’, it’s time to book your tickets for ‘Source Code’ or if you go for third option, just avoid watching it…

Yippee!!! ‘Source Code’ has tons of breathtaking sequences and if you’re gonna guess about a single forthcoming incident, probably you deserve an appreciation, but it’s not that easy. Filmmaker Duncan Jones became far-famed for his magnum opus ‘Moon’.

Super casting is yet another attribute that leaves the film on successful grounds. When you’ve actors like Jake Gyllenhall and Colter Stevens, there needn’t be any second thought.

To make it clear in simple terms,

‘Source Code’ is a nerve-wrecking sci-fi thriller that will keep you guessing every minute. But mark our words, your guesses would prove wrong coldly.
Colter Stevens (Jake), a pilot in American army flying in Afghanistan has a blackout and within next few minutes, he is seen as a different person, a commuter in train. A Girl approaches and resumes a conversation that leaves him completely dumbfounded. On the 8th minute, the train explodes and we have him transited to a closed cabin and get to speak with a national security officer (played by Vera Farmiga) through video conferencing. It’s explained that he is programmed with ‘Source Code’ that enables him to get into another man’s identity during last 8 minutes of his life. He has to discover, who plotted the bomb in train so that rest of the attacks can be prevented. When Colter wants to stop the bomb from blasting, he is informed that this is not ‘Time-Travel’ project and his action won’t matter, but he can only find the bomber.

Just as we mentioned earlier, this is not for a film buff, who loves to watch action film with thrills and chills. It’s literally based on different backdrops and at the same time, it makes us perceive it as a reality. This isn’t an easy task for any writer of filmmaker to achieve and writer Ben Ripley trenchantly accomplishes with it. Though it’s a fast-paced thriller, we do have the emotional quotients that are very conveyed through characters like Christine (Michelle Monaghan). Vera Farminga does her part well and her characterization is much brilliant than others. She starts off her deal with a pure business like motive and at last starts feeling for the protagonist.

Right from the 5th minute till the final shot, it’s a film that will keep you engaged. No business of looking into your watches or even sipping your cool drink. It’s more like pulling you straight into the ‘Source Code’ box and you become the protagonist. Such is the impact you’ll experience with this film.

There are no minuses in the film and we strongly recommend you to watch this film….

What works: Everything from alpha till omega

What doesn’t work: Not even a single factor

Verdict: No Second thought… Go for it

Production: Mark Gordon

Direction: Duncan Jones

Star-Cast: Jake Gyllenhall, Michelle Monoghan, Vera Farmiga, Jeffrey Wright

Music: Chris Bacon

Cinematography: Don Burgess

Editing: Paul Hirsch

Review by Richard Mahesh

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