Ajith Kumar’s B’day Resolution disappoints fans

Ajith Kumar’s official confirmation of dissolving fans club has disappointed the fans.

News 30-Apr-2011 12:18 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

‘This isn’t a decision that was made within a day or today, but Ajith Kumar has been considering this thought nearly for several months’ says the closer source. The actor made an official confirmation through a letter that he is dissolving his fans club all throughout the places from his Birthday, which is from tomorrow.

In his letter, Ajith Kumar has mentioned, “Times are changing and we shouldn’t be following the same ritual of having fans club. An actor has no connections with people other than his profession. This is what I believe and I will continue to practice.” It is worth mentioning that some of his fans club members had misused his name in the recently held state government elections. Though the actor doesn’t make it revealed, the sources believe that this is the main reason for his abrupt decision.

The actor wholeheartedly thanks his fans, family members, press professionals and others for being so kind and supportive to him even in bad times.

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