'Vaanam' Goes ‘Kaavalan’ Way

The situation prior to release of ‘Vaanam’ goes the same way of ‘Kaavalan’.

News 28-Apr-2011 1:21 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Young Superstar has finally got through a clearway. Just before few minutes, the multiplexes have opened up the booking plans for ‘Vaanam’ and it will hit screens as scheduled earlier. For the past one week, it has been an unceasing confusion amongst everyone whether the film would release or get postponed as the previous week’s release ‘KO’ is receiving good collections.

There were some reports that the theatre owners are quite perplexed over shifting ‘Ko’ to smaller screens thereby facilitating ‘Vaanam’ for main screens in Sathyam, Inox, Devi, Sangam, Abhirami and so on.

But now it looks like the producers and theatres have come to a conclusion that the film will open in small screens and will be gradually moved to main screens after a week. In Sathyam Cinemas, the film will be screened with ‘Santham’ while final scheduling in other theatres will be opened shortly.

It is worth mentioning that Vijay’s ‘Kaavalan’ too went through similar situation as the release was unconfirmed till the day of release.

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