Kollywood Producers Eye on 'Murli Meets Meera'

The recent release ‘Murli Meets Meera’ has impressed the producers of Telugu and Tamil film industry.

News 28-Apr-2011 9:45 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Kannada film industry seems to be popping up with whole lots of newfangled ideas. Be it crime thrillers or breezy romantic entertainers, they are loaded with fresh ideas. The recent release ‘Murli Meets Meera’ isn’t an exception as the film has been winning rave views and good response amongst the audiences.

The rom-com entertainer laced with humor and emotions stars Prajwal Devraj, Reema Vohra and Harishika Poonacha in lead roles and is directed by Mahesh Rao. Soon after watching the film, the distributors and producers had a positive outlook on the film presuming that the remake will perhaps gain more appreciations here.

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