Confusions Over 'Vaanam' Release

Success of ‘Ko’ has forced theatre owners to refuse over shifting the film to small screens.

News 27-Apr-2011 6:07 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The producers of Cloud Nine Movies, VTV Productions and Magic Box Pictures are surefooted of getting ‘Vaanam’ released on April 29 as announced earlier. Everything was smooth and perfect for the producers until ‘Ko’ started exceeding everyone’ expectations. Usually the online bookings for any big ticket would open a week prior to its release. But with ‘Vaanam’ it has been a different scenario as the theatres have shut down the online booking due to some confusion.

But the theatre owners have confirmed about the release through ads. However, the show timings aren’t still announced.

All that we hear from Simbhu is that - The love that you guys have over me will never be singled out and I would definitely make you sweet hearts proud with Vaanam.

The film is scheduled to hit screens of 17 theatres in Chennai alone.

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