5 Clear-Cut Connections Between 'Ko' and ‘State of Play’

Three days after release of ‘Ko’, we bring you the 5 direct similarities between ‘State of Play’ and its inspiration in ‘Ko’.

News 25-Apr-2011 4:33 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Although the film is inspired from the Hollywood film, we must appreciate K.V. Anand for having done a marvelous job over his presentation with brilliant narration (though sluggish in few parts) and technical aspects. We bring you some features of the Hollywood movie with which you can relate it closely with ‘Ko’ as you watch them on screens.

1.The friendship between investigative journalist (Russell Crowe) and Politician (Ben Affleck).

2.Suicide of politician’s secretary Sonia is confirmed as murder through the video recording.

3.An old photograph revealing the friendship between politician and his favoring assassin (With ‘Ko’ it’s between the protagonist and his friend discovered by Karthika).

4.Assassin pointed again by video clippings. (Here the scar on the forehead).

5.The death of Bingham is altered as suicide at the last moment.

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