'Rangeela 2' Is Ready to Roll

Ram Gopal Varma and A.R. Rahman will collaborate for ‘Rangeela 2’.

News 22-Apr-2011 5:41 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The film that made huge waves in Indian film industry… The film that stopped Aamir Khan from attending award functions. And what else? The film which is considered as an evergreen showpiece of Ram Gopal Varma is all set to take its sequel now. Yes, it is ‘Rangeela’ that always appeals special for RGV and for A.R. Rahman, it was his debut in Bollywood.

Recently during the launch of his first authorized biography ‘A.R. Rahman: The Spirit of Music’, A.R. Rahman thanked a list of prominent Hindi filmmakers, who helped him a lot in gaining success in Bollywood and Ram Gopal Varma was one amongst them.

Filled with moist in eyes and happiness all over heart, Ramu thusly decided to make a sequel to ‘Rangeela-2’….

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