Additional Song in 'Ko'

Harris Jayaraj reveals that he has done an additional song for ‘Ko’.

News 20-Apr-2011 11:13 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

When Harris Jayaraj finds that music has a vital role to play in his films, he assures of giving a tremendous effort in enlivening the visuals with his music. It has been evident from his previous like ‘Unnale Unnale’, ‘12B’, ‘Ayan’, where he delivered additional songs. Especially the title song with ‘Ayan’ becomes a chartbuster after the release.

With two days left for the release of ‘Ko’, Harris Jayaraj reveals that he has worked on an additional song for the film. The song is titled as ‘Vetripadi’ and is likely to be similar as ‘Netri Pottil’.

The special screening of ‘Ko’ was held yesterday (April 19) and the crewmembers are happy with the final output.

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