Silambarasan's Tragic Climax

The closer sources confirm that there is no change in ‘Vaanam’ climax

News 18-Apr-2011 10:35 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Director Krish might be just 2 films old in Telugu film industry (‘Gamyam’ and ‘Vedam’), but they carried whole lot of essence involved in it. Specifically, his films would have characters indulged in their own pleasures, but discover their real intentions during a course of mission. ‘Gamyam’ was one such film that loosely based on ‘Motorcycle Diaries’. Similarly, ‘Vedam’ had the same concept and is remade in Tamil as ‘Vaanam’.

Initially, reports were that Silambarasan insisted for a change in climax as he felt that his fans might not accept him kicking the bucket at last. Eventually, he understood that it would be an absolute spoiler to change the climax and went by the words of director Krish.

Yes, we hear it from the closer sources that ‘Vaanam’ will have a tragic climax of Silambarasan and Bharath getting killed while saving the innocent patients in Government Patients from terrorists plotting attack plans.

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