Journalism Will Flourish After Release of ‘Ko'- KV Anand

K.V. Anand reaffirms that his upcoming film ‘Ko’ will project the present trend of ‘Journalism’ unlike other movies.

News 11-Apr-2011 2:48 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

When we incisively bring ‘Journalism’ into our minds, we would neatly picture the professionals running around with a sling bag, specs and Kurtha. But guess what we are unaware of?

The profession has touched the surpassing degrees as it proves to be equally substantial and booming as IT industry. Shedding lights on the film, K.V. Anand mentions that no one has been able to perceive the profession as a big job. But he is sure that after watching the film, there would be more entry into field of journalism.

The final confirmation about the film’s release has been heard from Producer Udhayanidhi Stalin. It will open worldwide on April 22 in both Tamil and Telugu.

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