Manirathnam Creates Scenes for My Songs - AR Rahman

A.R. Rahman opens up saying that how Manirathnam has done best things for him.

News 11-Apr-2011 1:09 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

While IPL and State Government Elections are taking its realms to a greater magnitude, it’s A.R. Rahman’s recently released ‘The Spirit of Music’, his first authorized Biography penned by Nasreen Munni. Speaking about how special Manirathnam means to him, he utters, “Manirathnam has been more than a mentor for me, someone like my brother. He understands the essence of music for his every film. Even when the songs don’t suit for the film, he creates the situation for it.”

A.R. Rahman said so, because Manirathnam selected the tunes for ‘Ore Kana’ and ‘Ye Maanmbaru Mangaye’ in ‘GURU’ even when there were no situations for the placements of these songs. But he created the situation realizing that these tracks will embellish the film.

Rahman doesn’t miss to mention that it was Manirathnam who wanted him to take up the singing part when he just provided him with a scratch of ‘Andha Arabi Kadaloram’ in ‘Bombay’.

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