A Big Disappointment from Dhanush.

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Dhanush and Sun Pictures have already claimed success with couple of movies – ‘Padikadhavan’ and ‘Aadukalam’. On the course of striking a hat-trick spell, they came together for ‘Mappillai’, a remake of Superstar Rajnikanth’s yesteryear movie with the same title. Made before couple of decades, the film had raciness in script with the presence of big stars like Rajnikanth, Sri Vidya and Amala. Director Suraaj has tried recreating the magic here with Rajnikanth’s son-in-law Dhanush, newbie Hansika Motwani and Manisha Koirala.

The film revolves around Saravanan (Dhanush), averred as troublemaker in village is sent by his parents to Chennai. He comes across a rich beautiful girl Gayathri (Hansika Motwani), daughter of billionaire Rajeshwari (Manisha Koirala). Saravanan’s sister having shared intimate relationship with Rajeshwari’s son becomes pregnant. Though her son willingly accepts to marry without the approval of Rajeshwari, Saravanan assures that everything must happen with the blessings of her. Rest of the film is about how Saravanan having tied wedding knot to Gayathri mends the way of his mother-in-law.

Director Suraaj has made the film too comical (but doesn’t evoke laughter all the time) by bringing

Vivek as a goofy character into the script. He alone saves the film from sinking halfway.
His performance as a rich billionaire during second half leaves us into a state of irresistible laughter. But when it comes down to main star-casts – Dhanush and Hansika Motwani, they’re a complete mismatch. Especially Hansika Motwani leaves us annoyed at many points with her exaggerated expressions. The actress has to get serious over her performance if she has plans to stay for a long time. She’s too amateurish with her acting. Dhanush had proved to be an outstanding actor with ‘Aadukalam’, where he reached an epitome of great style. But this one is a regrettable piece of work.

30minutes into the film, director turns us restless and there we feel like walking out much prior to intermission. Technically, there’s nothing special about the film. Musical score by Manisharma is below average while ‘Ennoda Rasi’ turns to be a special highlight.

The climax is ridiculous and as post-the-show, it’s time to wriggle our heads…

With IPL season all set to begin from this evening and loads of big tickets including ‘Ko’ and ‘Vaanam’ scheduled to hit screens in forthcoming weeks, the film has least chances to survive in box office.

What works: Vivek

What doesn’t work: Everything from beginning till end

Verdict: A Big Disappointment from Dhanush.

Production: Kalanidhi Maaran, Nemikchand Jhabak

Direction: Suraaj

Star-casts: Dhanush, Hansika Motwani, Manisha Koirala, Vivek, Aashish Vidyarthi and others

Music: Manisharma

Review by Richard Mahesh

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