A Terrible Loss for Music Director

The young upcoming music director Sundar C Babu’s mother Sudhakshina Devi passed away last evening.

News 6-Apr-2011 12:00 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Sundar C Babu, son of famous Veena artist Chitti Babu made his debut in films through ‘Chitthiram Pesudhadi’ and later continued working on some hit albums ‘Anjathey’, ‘Nadodigal’ and recent release ‘Thoonga Nagaram’. His mother Smt. Sudhakshina Devi passed away last evening (Tuesday) due to prolonged illness. Sources inform that she was suffering from illness for past few days and underwent medical treatment.

However she gave up her private fight with illness and breathed her last. Well known as a Veena artist, she was the grand daughter of Late Pattabhi Seetha Ramaiah (Founder of Andhra Bank and ex-Governor of Madhya Pradesh). It’s noteworthy that she used free Veena classes to the interested ones during her leisure times.

She is now survived by her 3 sons Rangasayee (USA), Radhakrishnan (Hyderabad) and Sundar C Babu

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