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Actor Raghava doesn’t need an introduction as he happens to be a very famous small screen and film artist. He has scored music for some soap operas and films that includes a song in ‘Ae Ne Rombha Azhaga Irukka’. This film marks his onscreen debut in lead role and is directed by Charles. One reason how ‘Nanjupuram’ easily grabbed everyone’s attention was its promotional song featuring Anuya while the stunning look in posters and concept of story were additional attractions.

‘Nanjupuram’ as the title suggests, it’s about a land filled with snakes and its poisonous venoms. Velu (Raghav) is an unemployed youngster residing in the village. Malar (Monica), daughter of butcher woman is well known as a concubine of the village head. Both Velu and Malar have strong affinity towards each and situations bring them together expressing their love for each other. While once Velu saves Monica from a poisonous snake by tapping over its head, it results in unexpected turn of events. The village people have strong belief over the hearsays that a snake hurt, but not killed will seek its revenge. Consequently, Velu is made to stay in jury-rigged house so as to save himself from he revengeful snake. But is it really the reason why he is made to stay there? Would he save himself from the venom-filled snake? Does he manage to win over the fate and get united with his belle forms crux of the story…

Starting off with positive traits of the film, it’s worth mentioning that Charles has conceived a good story
. He has tried including some thrill moments that keeps us on edge-of-seats, but then he should have made it a point of laying more importance over screenplay. Having crafted such an interesting tale of thriller, the entire film should have had at least such effects one out of three scenes. As the story moves second half, there are some dull moments, but it gains momentum during penultimate sequences. But the climax could have been gripping. Musical score by Raghav is good while cinematography should have been yet finer for such films. The snakes created through CG works look real in many sequences.

Charles has picked the most famous tale of how a snake sought revenge on a King in a different avatar and he deserves a special pat.

We have been witnessing some movies on innovative themes are made with photo-cameras. It would be a real boon to Tamil film industry if the producers recognize such films, spend quality money into project and insist their team of writers to concentrate more into betterment of script.

This would surely make Tamil film industry to touch colossal degrees.

On the whole, ‘Nanjupuram’ is surely a bold attempt. It looks like Rama Narayanan; a sentimentalist with animal based movies didn’t want to leave this one. With continuous promotions, the film can manage to draw some crowd till next week as it awaits the release of big tickets.

What works: Story, ‘Thrill’ moments, Raghav

What doesn’t work: Low production values, screenplay, background score, cinematography

Verdict: Can watch it once

Production: Sri Thenandal Films, Illusionz Infinite Film

Direction: Charles

Star-casts: Raghav, Monica and others

Music: Raghav

Review by Richard Mahesh

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